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CELIBER Cabinas y Bancadas, S.A., is a company dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for automotive and others fields such as shipping or railway industry, wind power, aeronautical, iron industry or building. Our long experience in manufacturing spray booths, preparation areas, mixing rooms, extraction areas and annexes is supported by almost 50 years of exclusive dedication, as well as, highly qualified technical personnel, who are always working for the improvement of quality in our products.
We offer machines such as Spray booths, spraying and drying combined booths, drying spray ovens, sanding areas, application areas, heating preparation areas, preparation areas with IRT dryer, mixing rooms, industrial spray and drying booths with special dimensions, spray and drying booths for trucks, buses or aeronautical parts, large or smaller, customized and adapted to the customer’s needs. Perfectly finished, using the highest quality materials coming from the European Union and certified according with the most demanding standards in the market.

Our presence in the catalogs of the most worldly known car manufacturers as recommended and approved products and the recommendations from paint suppliers such as Glasurit, Dupont, Sikkens, Standox, PPG, Autocolor or Azko Nobel, is due to the high quality of our products as well as the different technical possibilities of our spray booths. Direct combustion burner, Inverter technology of frequency regulation in motors and turbines giving a totally automatic control of flow speed and pressure inside the spray booth, direct transmission and reaction turbines or the Magelis control system, which make possible to control all the parameters of the equipments. Furthermore, the maintenance service, optimum control and safety, as well as the possibility of adapting to the specific needs of each brand, depending on the characteristics of that vehicles and painting processes.
Due to the variety of available machinery and equipment in our facilities, it is also possible to manufacture other things, in CELIBER we can make all kind of pieces if the layout is given, with a sample or just giving the necessary  punching, folding and finishing requirements.

CELIBER, in addition to the Spray booths manufacturing, is the official importer in Spain and Portugal for several brands related with the paint and body repair field, such as CELETTE (reparation benches, control systems, mini benches, MZ+ system). CELIBER is in direct cooperation with others manufacturers of paint and body repair machinery, as HEDSON TECHNOLOGIES (Herkules lift tables for preparation areas and spray booths, paint dryer system IRT/ risk by infrared, machinery for cleaning spray guns, Drester) GISS (Welding machines, welding wire for all types of bodies) REGLO (pneumatic platforms for industrial spray booths for railway, trucks or buses) RUPES (Dust extraction system and sander).

Facilities area: 3000m2  in a 5000m2 plot.
Offices: 350m2
Showroom and training area: 250m2
Punching machine: 300m2
Folding: 300m2
Panels manufacturing: 300m2
Structures cutting: 150m2
Welding section: 150m2
Electricity area: 250m2
Quality control and verification: 250m2
Warehouse and packaging: 700m2

Available machinery :
Automatic punch press.
Manual folder and automatic folding robot.
Vacuum presses 600T.
Wire welding.
Machinery for cutting iron and lathe.

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