In CELIBER, We innovate in our products in order to simplify the production tasks in garages and workshops as well as optimize resources through the finishes improving, which are always adapted to the current regulations. In this way, we are firmly convinced of the importance of that the users of our spray booths, benches, welding equipment, suction, etc., They have to know and must be familiar with all of these innovations which will improve their production levels.
CELIBER offers a wide and varied range of training courses for users, dealers and future customers of our spray booth and other commercialized products. We adapt to each customer’s need, the training can be in our Training Centre or itinerant, where required.


We believe that the training of professionals is a pillar, for the present and future development of our society. CELIBER is committed to the training of new professionals, betting on them, being sponsor and active participant in the regional and national competitions, such as SPAIN SKILLS. Also collaborate and participating as teachers in the Vocational Training courses.


It is an indisputable fact the continuous evolution and improvement of the products coming to the market, especially regarding to the Automotive Industry. These innovations are designed to improve the safety and quality life of the users.
CELIBER Spray Booth is a pioneer in training professionals in auto repair, directly from our Training Centre as well as assistant teachers in the manufacturers Training centers. And indirectly, advising and collaborating with the Training Organizations.
If the professional in auto repair want to get an optimal knowledge of such innovations and thus can perform quality works, it is essential to provide consistent and proper resources for his training.


Having a market in constant evolution is necessary to know the new manufacturing and subsequent reparation techniques. And this is precisely where the direct relationship with the manufacturers comes in.
The homologation in our products certifies that they are suitable for different vehicle models reparation. Brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Mercedes – Benz, Renault, etc. provide us with the reparation guidelines, as well as new manufacturing materials (Aluminum, high-strength steel, etc.)
Similarly, major paint brands are innovating with new products which require of different application techniques.
Our products are always adapted to these changes, ensuring that your equipment is 100% reliable and furthermore, we are going to teach you to get the best out of your new equipment.


If you are thinking about buying equipment for your body and / or paint garage, do not hesitate in contact us, we will show you our spray booth factory t and the rest of our facilities. This way you will convince yourself of the quality of our product and it will give you a better understanding of its operation, helping you to choose better the equipment that best suits you.
The acquisition of each one of our equipment includes personalized training to use it, therefore you can start to work immediately after your purchase.
Once your equipment is working, any doubt, however small it may be, it will be solved directly through our qualified staff, so we will be always helping you to work.
Félix Puig Laguna is the Product and Training Manager in CELIBER, he is strongly committed to Vocational Training, he bet on the new professionals in all the country.

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