After Sales

In CELIBER, one of the most important points in our company is the customer satisfaction with our spray booth and other industrial equipments during the longest as possible period of time.
For that, We think in a fast and quality service, provided by specialized technicians.
We have a large team of qualified technicians who respond quickly to your questions by telephone or e-mail; also if necessary we can arrange a visit from them.
CELIBER has several ways to manage an after sales service, for your convenience.
A: Direct management with the technical service
There are several options.  You can choose the one that best suits you. 
  • Sending the help request from the Web, click here.
  • Call Service to 925501720  (08:00 to 16:00). 
  • By email to click here.
B: Management through your CELIBER trusted dealer.
Please deliver him the help request. He will expedite the process with our technical service, as our distributors are well aware of our repair operative and machines.
Click here to see our distribution network.
C: If you are a distributor or final costumer of our equipment, and technical assistance is needed for a fault, please follow the next steps:
  • 1- Fill out the after sales form completely. click here.
  • 2- Wait for the answer of one of our technicians who will contact you to respond to your requests.
Our Avantgarde line Spray booths, are able to get a diagnosis and possible solutions for setting problems or parameters within the Magelis PLC being connected via Ethernet.
Please contact our sales department for more regarding information.

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