Quality and enviroment

As befits the most advanced companies, CELIBER S.A. is strictly adhered to the more stringent European quality standards; it is based on our long tradition as manufacturers, approaching the overall quality.

We only sell our products after a careful triple checking: The first one is continuous, during production, other after production and a third after the installation. We do not consider a product is “installed” until it is up and running with complete customer satisfaction.  And We do not think that a product is "obsolete" until the last of its units has been replaced. As a result, the maintenance is guaranteed at any time throughout the product’s lifetime.
Similarly, our wide range of services is guided by the excellence at all levels. Because we only hire the best professionals in the world with a mind focused on the customer needs, the quality of our service is also ensured, at all levels.
Perfection is our goal. Using wisely the best resources of each field is in the heart of our method.

ISO 9001 Certificate

The total quality of CELIBER spray booths and tools is demonstrated going through an exhaustive quality review process, and having an ISO 9001 Certified.  Also with everything that CELIBER brand means: efficient processes, product development, production, services, distribution and logistics.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

Our concern for the environment has had its recognition with this award. From our environmental management is presented the official ISO 14001 certificate, of environment respect during the manufacture of portable electrical tools.

ISO 14001

Parameters and efficiency CELIBER spray booths certification

In CELIBER spray booths We have put ourselves in the hands of an official certification company to demonstrate and corroborate important parameters such as air flow speed, heat capacity, particles control, noise level and more. In 2009 we developed a certification with official measure elements of all these parameters.

Our sustainable environment concept.

In CELIBER spray booths, throughout our entire history and especially in the recent years after opening our new production line, We have been committed to the environmental care and We declare ourselves in favor of sustainability. This philosophy is extended to all of the working areas of CELIBER. Starting with the general recycling concept and reducing overall CO2 emissions up to the idea of not only reduce the power consumption required for production, but spray booths manufactured by us have reduced  the consumption and its components,  such as direct combustion burners, have zero emissions. And not forgetting that the materials used in our spray booths are all coming from certificated European origin, promising the highest quality. Because, ultimately, quality products last much longer, which less damage to the environment.
The green behavior / manufacturing is a determining factor in our values and from our point of view contributes to the long-term success of the company.
Three important points to consider in our process of helping the environment:

Innovation and Development:

CELIBER is always looking for a continuous improvement of our products and activities under environmental criteria. Our perspective is to identify and improve the eco-efficiency of our products and processes, as well as closing the material cycles to achieve a production without waste.

We know that a behavior consistent with the environment can only be achieved and improved if all, employees and managers, actively collaborate.
To encourage this behavior is for CELIBER directive a constant premise.

Additionally, the processes in our company are directly influenced by the following items to help the environment sustain.
Robust and reliable products, with a long life. Long life means less environmental pollution through reducing the raw materials consumption and less waste.
Excellent after sales international service with an extended spares warranty: repair rather than remove also safeguard the natural resources.
The development of products with unique features such as direct combustion or INVERTER technology, which reduces the adverse effects on man and environment.
A managing and working team, which has a high priority for the esteem and confidence apart of a humane treatment between the employees. This climate encourages a healthy work environment.
An optimal supply and exchange of information also create transparency in all issues related to the environmental protection.
"Practical Approach" for CELIBER also means that ecology and economy should always maintain a balance with each other.
Responsibility also means that we comply with legal requirements and assume full responsibility for our spray booths and activities.

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