Spray booth with heat generation by endothermic panels

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BRAND: Celiber
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Basic Description

The frame is composed by high rigidity aluminum profiles. The framework is in aluminum protector and it is fixed to the structure.
The thermal isolation, made by a high density of rock wool, is between the two panels.
The temperature is adjustable until 110°C (*) in the painting phase, and 180°C in the drying phase, (temperature measured in the radiant panel surface).
The keyboard gives possibility to choose independently the working area and the running temperature.
Available for any kind of spray booth.


The CELECOTHERM system can be installed in any current spray booth. The panels are just 60 mm deep, this feature is essential to avoid compromising the dimensions of the booth. Available in white with anodized aluminum frames to complement the spray booth’s existing walls.
The CELECOTHERM panels can fit to any existing plenum. The small dimensions of the panels results in minimal effect on the air flow coming from the plenum
CELECOTHERM enables the latest generation “super high solid” paints to dry quickly and efficiently compared to traditional methods. Thermal energy is generated by innovative radiating panels. The panels are electrically powered and incorporate leading edge technology to ensure maximum radiation efficiency.
Gas or oil burner? Or even air vein? Any system required a combustion chamber is now obsolete. Any types of burner are no longer needed, as a result important savings made and return on your investment expected within one year. Within combustible, it’s safer.
The wall panels can reach a maximum operating temperature of 110ºC during the painting phase, while during the drying phase we can reach a maximum temperature of 180ºC, enabling the ideal temperature to be achieved on the vehicle. The combination of the tow technologies produces a system of far greater efficiency than traditional gas / oil burners, and vastly reduces your carbon footprint.
A major benefit of our technology is being able to adjust the power and the temperature of body parts, and thus the temperature of the areas to be painted and cured.
Other products using infrared technology only allow switching on or off, however the CELECOTHERM system offers continuously variable adjustment.
More important the CELECOTHERM system can be operated in separate zones, there are four areas: right side, center, left side and plenum.
CELECOTHERM  is typically installed in one day on average (subject to site survey)
No es necesaria ninguna formación específica para operar el sistema: seguiremos trabajando de la manera habitual. No specific training is required to operate the system, and it does not change your existing practices.
CELECOTHERM is very simple and user-friendly.
Our installation engineers will provide you with all necessary instructions on how to use and program the system.
The operating cycle involves a number of phases:
The surfaces to be painted can be preheated by placing the vehicle or the parts to ver pinted inside the Booth, then switching the CELECOTHERM panel son without the need for forced ventilation.
After preheat you can start the painting phase. Painting takes place using forced ventilation with cold air. Enviromental comfot is guaranteed by the fact that, although the entry air is cold, the heat radiated by the panels warms the air and the temperature of the vehicle remains unchanged.
Using the intelligent monitoring systems supplied with the CELECOTHERM system, the temperature of the panel is regulated to maintain the ambient air temperature for optimal painting.
Temperatures can be adjusted according to the external air temperature and the particular paint product used (see manufacturers recommendations).
Flash-off of the base coat takes place very quickly and with the use of the CELECOTHERM radiation panels the water molecules are excited which assists evaporation.
This phase is realized in order to pass from a smooth form to a drying form.
Drying takes place without the use of forced ventilation. Radiating panels are brought up to their máximum temperatura which heats the vehicle and the air inside the Booth, enabling the paints to actually ‘bake’.
During this phase solvents continue to evaporate. To prevent the solvents from reaching abnormally high concentrations the forced ventilation system automatically operates every 10 minutes with the air inside the booth being totally renewed after a few seconds.
Once the drying cycle has been completed, normally 30 or 40 minutes(subject to paint specification), the panels are switched off and the Booth is cooled. Cooling takes place with forced ventilation for 5 minutes managed automatically from the electrical panel.

Carácteristicas Endotérmicas

The technical data below shows the structural features of the panels.
All materials used by CELECOTHERM are Class 0 self- extinguishing and have CE certification.
The keyboard for Spray Booth enables to select or not the radiant panels running following this way:
Panels left laterals+ back.
Paneles laterales derechos + back.
Panels left laterals + back + right laterals.
Panels plenum (only available in the  CELECOTHERM PLUS TOP version).

Please contact us for prices and more information.

Possibility to work with water based paint and/or with solvent base paint.
The return of your investment is guaranteed by the low cost to reach the temperature.
No burner or boiler of any type is necessary, neither any special smoke chimney.
Ecological: no gases are emitted by the burner.
Improved drying quality using diffused infrared rays.
Reduction in running costs.
Reduction in painting times.
Reduction in drying times.
Can be installed in any existing spray booth.
Environmentally friendly.
Reduces your carbon footprint.
CELECOTHERM endothermic panels technology system allows heat to be transmitted directly from the panels to the vehicle without the usual losses expected when using hot air systems. This results in energy benefits and consideration for the environment, due to the de-commissioning of the gas/oil heating.
Our endothermic panels CELECOTHERM system uses 25kW of power on average, approximately 7-10 times less thermal power than the burner in a conventional oven. This process offers very significant energy savings and allows you to work in a more eco-friendly manner as the burner is no longer needed.
Once the CELECOTHERM system is installed you can expect a return on your investment within one year, subject to a survey of your current fuel usage.
In terms of costs, the savings are just as significant given that an operating cycle (preheating, painting and curing) uses 25kWh on average. There are also considerable cost savings compared to the fuel (oil or gas) required to operate a burner.
CELECOTHERM radiates heat by means of diffused infrared rays. In this manner, the paints is heated and cured from the inside out allowing solvents to escape, unlike the heating in conventional hot air booths which takes place via convection/conduction i.e. from the outside in, trapping and resulting in longer curing times.
During the preheating phase the car is brought to the temperatura required in just a few minutes, whilst during the painting phase it is maintained at 25-30º depending on the manufacturers specification.
Radiation has a particular effect on wáter molecules, enabling them to evapórate more quickly compared to other forms of heat transmission. This enables us to speed up the flash-off of the base coat and thus the entire painting phase.
The quality of drying is very high as it takes place from the inside out, and once the panel area has cooled down you can continue with any polishing without problems; drying takes place in depth.
With CELECOTHERM a painting and drying cycle can be achieved in less time than conventional systems, thus increasing your productivity and reducing the car delivery time to the customer..
Once the CELECOTHERM sytem is installed you can expect a return on your investment within one year, subject to a survey of your current fuel usage.
Each painting cycle with the CELECOTHERM system will cost you approximately 4€, allowing you to save between 12€ and 20€ per cycle, depending on the power of the existing burner and the type of fuel used. Based on the number of painting cycles carried out, the calculation is simple- assuming a purchase with an interest free loan from the Carbon Trust (subject to approval) repayment installments could be less than current energy bills.
Suposing these data:
Price KW/h = 0,10 €
Price of fuel liter  = 1 €

Ventajas Endotérmicos

With this own monthly payment of renting would pay less than it really saved you with the system. The first investment will be recoup in one year, using the spray booth 6 hours per day.  This effect is accentuated when the term is longer, and therefore, the monthly amount is lower.

Extras / Options

    • Electronic hose to temper the air.
    • Plastic film rolls to protect the panels.
    • Magnetic bands to fix the plastic protector.

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