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BRAND: Celiber
MODEL: Classic/Avantgarde

Basic Description

We can adapt our Spray Booth to every size, not only the type "A" small booth or semi-industrial type "B", but the biggest spray booth type "C" too. Therefore, we can manufacture a very wide range of spray booths, for painting pieces of any size or big dimensions vehicles.

For example, we have developed and manufactured spray booths of more than 40 meters length, 10 meters high and 10 meters wide. We can make spray booths for aeronautic, railway market or automotive production line. Any industry which paint o liquid varnish is applied by compressed air is our potential client.

Our technical office can develop tailor made projects, adapting it to every need. Our main goal is to satisfy any requirement, no matter how complex is it.

The industrial spray booths are manufactured in the same way that the smaller booths, but they are specially designed for each project; it is an advantage for the customer, who will see how his initial idea is materialized in the final product.

We have long experience in several sectors; our clients are important companies such as aeronautic or railway companies, trucks or buses firms or production lines for the automotive market.


Our exclusive panels are made in only one piece, from top to bottom. Easy to assembly and the most important, they are manufactured with high efficiency rock wool (145 Kg/m³), which make them fireproof.
They are constituted by white pre-lacquered sheet in both sides, which are fixed to the rock wool by a special compound what together with the later vacuum pressed, results in a sandwich panel, rigid, robust and with no external connections. 
The panel has a reinforced structure inside, so other elements are no needed for fix it. As a result, the air flow is completely laminar and clean, as there are not obstacles or projections, so we do not find any air turbulence or particulate accumulation.
All the parts are pre punched by a high quality technology machine, resulting a perfect assembling without drills or cuts. 
Additionally, if pneumatic suspended ramps are installed in the booth, the panels will have additional reinforcements inside, in order to support the weight of all the structure and make possible to install properly the guide ways needed.
Also is possible to make a lateral door, joining the Booth with a drying oven, moving the pieces to be painted through trolleys.
Possibility of implement transport systems for pieces in our spray booth either by ground or aerial type "conveyor”.
Different kinds of doors and locks, such as sectional doors, electrical, pneumatic, roller shutters, folding wings with panoramic windows and other styles.
Designed by Celiber, with one or two motors, depending on the version.
Direct transmission – Directly from the motor axle and the turbine, no pulleys or belts needed.
Big blades for easy maintenance and cleaning.
It can be placed on the sides, rear or on top over the Spray Booth.
Ducts joining the motor group and plenum, designed by our technical department giving a perfect air flow.
Is possible to implement double or triple groups sharing the burner
The motor group can be placed out of the spray booth, over the roof or outdoor.
Several options to aspirate the air, with civil work or not, metallic basement, lateral or rear extraction.
Possibilities of air flow: Full down draft, semi down draft, side draft y oblique.
It is possible to use different kinds of grids, with different capacities.
We use electronic reactance instead of chokes, assuring a longer life for the fluorescent lamps.  
Upper or lower lights.
It is available as option. This is the first spray booth incorporating LED electronic screens, giving to 2.500 LUX of pure and white light, it is perfect for painting works as it is not polluted with other colors photons.
Less electronic consumption and durability for all its service life. Duration of LED screen: 80.000 hours of use.
Wide range of systems to heat the air:
Classic diesel or GAS burner with heat exchanger (boiler)
Direct Combustion gas burner, eliminating the outgoing gas chimney due to the total combustion of the gas.
Vapoure exchanger system.
Hot water heaters.
Electric reactance.
Heat recovery systems, recommended for low temperature areas, it can recover between 50 and 80% of the heat.
Possibility of control the relative humidity, using systems to drop the temperature.
Depending on model:
Programmable Advanced touch PLC, MAGELIS model, with tele-assistance, remote control, data base control and possibility of export to Excel, multi user, multi work program, etc. It is able to program the parameters even in each work phase. It is standard in all the AVANTGARDE spray booths range.
Analog panel with buttons and programmers for the spray booths in CLASSIC or AVANTGARDE range.
Combining different control systems, depending on the needed in the project.
Is possible to control different systems from a central computer.
The front door has a support structure with four or more glass made sheets. This door can be changed for a vertical lock, as a blind or a sectional door.
Another frontal access can be placed on the rear of the spray booth. Also, the spray booth can be divided in two separated areas, this way works can be independently done in only one or in both of them, saving energy, electricity and combustible.
Several service doors (usually 4) are placed along the spray booth. These are safety door with anti-panic lock.

Please contact us for prices and more information.

This is a very important point talking about industrial spray booths, as every piece needs specific requirements of dimension, air flow speed, etc.
As we are the manufacturer, we can make each part of the Spray Booth suitable for any measure.
Our production line make all the punching, folding and mechanizing work of every piece, previously designed by our Technical Office, avoiding this way all the development or implementation mistakes. 
Our technicians have been trained and homologated by CELIBER to ensure a proper assembly and the best working of the acquired Spray Booth.
Before packing and shipment, our motor groups are tested in our facilities, avoiding possible working problems in the future.
Always looking for the total satisfaction of our customer, we offer a wide range of prices depending on the desired options. 

Extras / Options

    • Pneumatic ramp for the basement over the floor.
    • Direct combustion gas burner (instead of diesel burner).
    • Vapour, gas or hot water exchanger (instead of diesel burner).
    • Electronic elements (instead of diesel burner).
    • Reinforced grids.
    • Submicronic filter.
    • Tools trolley.
    • LED lighting.
    • Different sizes and dimensions
    • Double frontal entry.
    • Electric blind door.
    • Inpout/output ducts.
    • Support structure for motor group.
    • Lifting pneumatic platforms.

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