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In 1977, GERMAIN CELETTE, worldwide known for inventing a POSITIVE CONTROL BENCH, used to repair damaged vehicles, decided to expand its production power, partnering with another Repair Bench manufacturer in Spain, but in this time for damaged trucks, Manuel Perez.

Thus CELETTE IBERICA was born, setting up the production center in a 1000m2 warehouse in Fuenlabrada (Madrid).

For five years, Celette products, particularly the benches, are manufactured and sold in Spain at a rate of 120 per year, mainly to the French car manufacturers such as Renault, Peugeot and Citroen.

The sales start through a national dealers network, furthermore a Tool Rental Center is created, thus the independent professionals are provided of the same quality and speed for their repairs as others who, for its turnover, can take the equipment ownership.

In June 1982, the Celette International Sales Annual Meeting is celebrated in Madrid.

In 1984, Celette Group decides to stop the benches manufacturing in Fuenlabrada Production Center to centralize the entire world production in Vienne (France).

In 1985, we participated in the Barcelona Motor Show, taking advantage of that event to bring together our entire national distribution network, which at that time reached the number of 45.
Every two years we participated in these events in Barcelona and took that opportunity to meet all our dealers, the number had grown to reach 60 in 1989.

In 1989, the Technical Center was opened in Fuenlabrada facilities; we took this chance to invite our entire distribution network and our French partners of Celette.
This Center has the most advanced audiovisual media at that time and the body repair professionals can find there a unique garage, where all the possible cases in the vehicle body repair can be reproduced. This Center will offer to the professionals not only training but catching up on the body repair new techniques.
At the end of that year we had sold 1879 benches since the beginning (12 years ago).

In 1988, Celette IBERICA creates its own subsidiary in Portugal with identical working philosophy that it used in Spain.

In 1992, four delegations of Celette IBERICA were created (Barcelona, Bilbao, Sevilla and Valencia), all of them equipped with Technical Center and Tool Rental Center.

In 1993, MOTORTEC, the Automotive Machinery Showroom in Madrid, was inaugurated and CELETTE IBERICA was there, occupying an exhibition area of 500 m2.
The products exhibited are homologated by more than 80% of global manufacturers.

The brand Celette differs from others in its high accuracy, robustness and a wide range of specific tools for auto body repair.
All of the products manufactured by Celette, have been created and designed in cooperation with the car manufacturer (which subsequently will homologated them), using the body manufacturing drawings and all this happens long before that the model go out on sale.
This showroom is celebrates every two years, with the continued presence of Celette Iberica  and its team, because a Celette bench is not only a tool that is characterized by its robustness and accuracy, it is a team of professional at your entire disposal.
It is a team which is always available, wherever you are, any question will be solved at soon as possible.
This is more than just an after-sales service is our working philosophy.

Nowadays, more than 4000 benches are still working in Spain and Portugal.

In 1996, we started to manufacture spray booths that are exposed in MOTORTEC every two years.
As well as the benches, the Celette spray booths (CELIBER) will be also approved by the main manufacturers.
The first export dealers started with us in 2001, coinciding with the Paris EQUI'P AUTO, where our spray booth line was exhibited at the stand of our French partner, Celette, SA

In 2006, CELETTE IBERICA moved its facilities to Illescas (Toledo), occupying an area of 5,000 m2. At that time we had installed spray booths in more than 15 countries, a number that will be double in 2010.

Today we have more than 3.000 installations across the five continents and over 40 dealers selling the products made in Illescas.

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